Headmaster - Issue 09

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Headmaster returns with its largest issue yet, featuring ten original projects by artists, musicians, and writers from seven countries. Contributors include Argentine skate punks, queer Black twins from Alabama, and the only all-Asian drag house in Vancouver. The cover features drag performer Dol of Siam as a Goddess of Enlightenment, part of a new queer zodiac system developed for this issue. A cross between an art book and a traditional magazine, this issue features multimedia work that cannot be seen anywhere else. The issue also includes two inserts: a risograph poster by Nick Vaughan and Jake Margolin, as well as a 16-page zine of erotic stories from writers Lawrence Schimel (Spain) and Alejandro Córdova (El Salvador/Argentina), who wrote their stories separately and then translated them for one another. Readers will also be given exclusive access to an EP from queer Portuguese duo Fado Bicha, who produced a nine-song EP just for Headmaster. All work featured in Headmaster is completely original and cannot be seen anywhere else!