Requiem for the Club


We have entered a new era in which dancing in crowded spaces and the ever exhilarating moment of congregating with friends and strangers alike in a sweaty turmoil of music and strobes seems to be the stuff of forgotten dreams.  The hauntology of a lifestyle and dance anthems along with the memory of spaces that need to be reclaimed fill us with nostalgia but let us revive the hope and communion we once were able to conjure at the dance floor! New horizons approach with the beat of the bass and the stomping of our feet on the ground!



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Foto und Video: QU1N5E @qu1n5e 
Rachel Israela @_rachel_israela_ & Fede Reyes @federey
Foto Assistant:Daniel Walton @danielwaltonn
Styling: Camix Paillier @camix_lol_pailler
HMU: Leana Ardeleanu @leana.ardeleanu
Talents: Ilias Paci @_iliaspaci_ @vivamodelsberlin & Ingrid Amatui @pieceofdirtinyoursmile
Music Video: Sophy Merizzi @badgalquirit