Collaboration Special

Pendleton For Dr. Martens


This arrival made our week! The ‘Pendleton For Dr. Martens’ collaboration brings together two heritage brands for fall/winter 2012 and combines quality and craftsmanship in this wonderful footwear and accessories collection. That Dr Martens is from Great Britain is common knowledge, but also Pendleton’s original roots come from that very same country: In the mid-1800’s a young weaver from Yorkshire travelled to America and helped to establish one of Oregon’s first woolen mills, setting in motion the course of events that would lead to the founding of the Pendleton brand. So it was just a matter of time when these two labels will work together.
Using an exclusive Pendleton woven jacquard pattern called ‘Pagosa Springs’, the collaboration offers Dr. Martens iconic 1460 8-hole boot in Cherry Red and Black Smooth leather with a comfortable and cozy wool quarter panel on each side. In addition to the boot, there is also a traditional Dr. Martens satchel as matching accessory, crafted with the Pagosa Springs design and finished in Cherry Red or Black polished leather. The ‘Pagosa Springs’ design was inspired by a legend about a deadly plague affecting the Ute Indian Tribe. They were miraculously cured when they assembled on the banks of the San Juan River. The Ute Tribe honored this area with the name ‘Pagosah’ which means ‘healing waters.’ So – get yourself a pair of boots or the shoulder bag and carry some fashionable healing with you!