Soto Invite: ‘Lost Album’ Exhibition

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Dennis Hopper: this man really was 100 percent man. The actor and idol became famous because of his all known role in 'Easy Rider' in the late sixties - and never stopped embodying the American way of manhood. Cowboys, rockstars, artists: these people and other heroes were not only parts of his films but define a whole lifestyle. This lifestyle with these people are also the motifs of his photography. Though everybody knows about his acting and 'Easy Rider' there are only a few who are also familiar to his obsession as a photographer. Found 40 years after they were taken in the sixties, a whole exhibition at Martin-Gropius-Bau in Berlin is now presenting exactly those of Dennis Hopper's photographs. Great black and white pictures open a world of American 'heroes' in the Sixties and communicate a feeling of freedom and adventure. From activist Martin Luther King to artist Andy Warhol, fellow actors like and random road trip pictures: Dennis Hopper's portfolio of over 400 vintage photos takes us back to the sixties and into his world of manhood. Have a look at the exhibition if you're staying in Berlin: it's open on Wednesdays to Mondays from 10am to 7pm and located at Martin-Gropius-Bau Berlin till December, 17th.