Le Berlinois x Etiquette – An Interview with Benjamin Vergnion


A couple of months ago we passed by the New York offices of Etiquette Clothiers, a newly launched brand of our friend Benjamin Vergnion. Of course we had to take a look and as expected, he once again hit the right nerve, offering premium basics with a twist, that the market did not have in that form before. Classy branding, exciting design and of course all that at the highest Made in Italy quality.

During that same visit we had the idea of actually collaborating and offering something special to our customer, a perfect way to introduce the Etiquette brand at SOTO. In time for the colder months of the year and unsatisfied with what there was on the market, we decided to produce a camouflage sock with them. The outcoming Le Berlinois by SOTO x Etiquette socks is made of 33% cashmere and will for sure keep your feet warm and stylish this winter season.

Read here below our interview with Benjamin about Etiquette and the project.

1 - Hi Benjamin, you have been in the fashion business in one way or another for a long time. When did you decide that socks and basics in general was a space that you wanted to do something in?

When I realized how many years I have been struggling with finding the right pair of socks and underwear. The market is over saturated with the same type of brands, products and styles only to be differentiated by ad campaigns.

There was no better time to step into the market especially with the resurgence in fashion of classic style and demand for quality products. It's not about the six pack or the sex appeal, but all about what really counts underneath it all: a focus on traditional craftsmanship, highest quality materials, timeless sophistication that’s fashionable, but always wearable.

2 - What is the philosophy behind Etiquette?

Etiquette Clothiers begins with what you first put on each day. It's the foundation of your everyday dress routine. The essential building blocks of your personal style.

We even wrote a book about it called "The Basics of Etiquette" which you can find on iTunes.

3 - What makes Etiquette different from other brands in this market?

We are not aspiring to become a jack of all trades... We do basics and that's it. With a single dedicated focus to the essentials we are able to craft unique products of the highest quality and with the utmost attention.

The result is a brand that offers the finest sockswear, underwear and loungewear for all generations from newborns, kids to adults.

4 - We had lots of fun working with you guys on our camo socks. Can you tell us a little bit about this specific sock?

The idea was to blend into the "limited edition/curated" universe of Soto/Le Berlinois. We researched vintage WW2 era camouflage to create the pattern while selecting the finest blend of cashmere and merino wool yarns to produce it.

The result, we believe, is the most dapper camo sock on the market.

5 - What does the future of Etiquette hold?

Continue perfecting what we do best, expending on our growth globally, adding proprietary retail and becoming The World's Most Proper Basics.

You can buy the Le Berlinois by SOTO x Etiquette Socks now here.